Level 0 (Service)

Basic Field Calterm functionality

Level 1 (Standard)

Calterm II + NGET functionality

Level 2 (Secure)

Calterm II + NGET + Unlock tool functionality

Level 3 (Enterprise)

Calterm II + NGET + Unlock + Engineering ESDN functionality

Level 4 (Service Pro)

Contains the same functionality as Level 0 (Service) + the capability to Download to a secure module

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 April, 2013.

Calterm III 3.4.7 + MetaFiles

Calterm III 3.4.7 + MetaFiles

Calterm III 3.4.7 + MetaFiles

  • Model: P0372
  • Units in Stock: 99
  • Manufactured by: Cummins
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Calterm III 3.4.7 + MetaFiles

Details: Type of catalogue: Diagnostic Software
Region: WorldWide
Inclusive languages: English
disks: 1 CD
OS: WinXP, Win7

Calterm III 3.4.7 + MetaFiles a dealer program for the diagnosis of electronic engines. For quality work Calterm III 3.4.7 required to support a personal computer coupled to the electronic subsystem tools and feature sets of the subsystem. Calterm III 3.4.7 is used by engineers to improve performance diagnostics for engines and electronic control units (ECMS).

Calterm III 3.4.7 as a diagnostic tool works with all functions in the ECM, but taking into account the rapid growth and changes that occur in electronic systems Cummins, an expanded set of functions is not always possible.

Diagnostic Tool Calterm III 3.4.7 provides a basic set of features that runs on any ECM, in order to give the greatest support for the program each electronic engine.

The interface diagnostic tool Calterm III 3.4.7 consists of a basic standard tools, but if necessary can add individual and unique features. Calterm III 3.4.7 was initially designed to support the Global Tool Interface Specification, GTIS, 4.5 and Core-II based software. With the release of Calterm III, version 2.4, support for GTIS 3.8, 2.0 and pre-2 products has been included.

Diagnostic program Calterm III 3.4.7 is designed for a wide range of users, which is why the unit comes with five levels of user access. Since not all users need to use the full functionality of this product Calterm III 3.4.7.

Calterm III 3.4.7 has the following levels: